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Fine Tube Audio Gear for Recording

& Broadcast

3D representation

Note: The image of the 6 channel mixer was generated from Solidworks when the initial design was being developed

in 2011.

The image at the lower right corner of this page is of an actual input module under test. You will see that there is more switching available. The mixers that will ship no longer have LCR output selection, that being replaced with Direct out, and a pan pot to the stereo buss.

BE-82 Mixer

8 channel stereo tube

signal path

8 Series 500 slots

8 Channel $14,990*

Note: prices include unbalanced direct outs on all channels except for two balanced main outputs.

The price for 8 transformers for

all direct outputs will be quoted

at the time of an order.


8 discrete tube channels

Available as 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels


Single Channel Preamp/Amp

8 Watts into 8 ohms

2 channels; $3500*

Additional pairs $2750* each

Power supply upgrade (for 8 channels) $240*

8 channels (includes separate rack supply) $11,990*

Single channel, dual output; $Email for price

* all prices US$     updated March 7, 2024

Rear Cover and Blank Faceplate for Akai/Roberts M8, 770 and other Tube amplifiers

Rear cover only, unfinished; $139

Painted; $159

Complete with Power Cord, Power switched socket, XLR Input Jack, 1/4” Speaker output jack, 1/4” Line input jack (unbalanced), Fuse holder; $260


Mixer General Specifications:

    •    High quality, all tube mic preamps

    •    Input pad, pre-transformer

    •    1st stage pad, post-transformer

    •    Polarity switch

    •    Dual impedance input

    •    Negative Feedback in/out switch (first stage)

    •    High Pass Filter

    •    48v Phantom Power

    •    Channel mute w/selectable solenoid output control for broadcast

    •    Output Volume Control

    •    Pan or Direct Out, Solo for each channel

    •    Mic, Instrument, Line inputs

    •    Expansion slots accept Series 500 style modules (shipped with our own line input module).

    •    Left/Right Master Volume

    •    Cinemag Input xfmrs

    •    Cinemag Output xfmrs on Left/Right Outputs

    •    2 VU Meters.

    •    Mono and Dim on control room monitoring.

    •    2 Headphone Outputs

    •    Separate Rack Mounted Power Supply

    •    Input/Output connections on High Density EDAC

+ specifications subject to change for improvements to products

email for more information: Click here


Paul Keim; Dove Creek Studios

"Demoed the 2 channel mic pre yesterday with another engineer as well as a project studio owner…”

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