8 discrete tube channels

Available as 2, 4, 6 or 8 channels

2 channels; $2840*

Additional pairs $2530* each

8 channels $10,480*

Fine Tube Audio Gear for Recording

& Broadcast

BE-62/82 Mixer

6 or 8 channel stereo tube

signal path

6 Series 500 slots

6 Channel; $10,470*

(rack mountable)

8 Channel $13,760*


Note: prices include unbalanced direct outs on all channels except for two balanced main outputs.


Single Channel Preamp/Amp

10 Watts into 8 ohms

Single channel, dual output; $1690*

* all prices US$

Rear Cover and Blank Faceplate for Akai/Roberts M8, 770 and other Tube amplifiers


Rear cover only, unfinished; $115

Painted; $127

Complete with Power Cord, Power switched socket, XLR Input Jack, 1/4” Speaker output jack, 1/4” Line input jack (unbalanced), Fuse holder; $180



Mixer General Specifications:

    •    High quality, all tube mic preamps, wired point to point

    •    Input pad, pre-transformer

    •    1st stage pad, post-transformer

    •    Polarity switch

    •    Dual impedance input

    •    High Pass Filter

    •    48v Phantom Power

    •    Channel mute w/selectable solenoid output control for broadcast

    •    Output Volume Control

    •    Pan or Direct Out, Solo for each channel

    •    Mic, Instrument, Line inputs

    •    Expansion slots accept Series 500 style modules (shipped with our own line input module).

    •    Left/Right Master Volume

    •    Cinemag Input xfmrs

    •    Cinemag Output xfmrs on Left/Right Outputs (optional on Direct Outs)

    •    2 VU Meters.

    •    Mono and Dim on control room monitoring.

    •    2 Headphone Outputs

    •    Separate Rack Mounted Power Supply

    •    Input/Output connections on High Density EDAC


+ specifications may change

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Paul Keim; Dove Creek Studios


"Demoed the 2 channel mic pre yesterday with another engineer as well as a project studio owner…”

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